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"Orso: a return to the
lost art of hospitality.”

Orso's story began with a dream: To return to the lost art of hospitality and bring back the often forgotten values and welcoming spirit of the hotel industry that are the essence of true travel experiences.

As the famous French expression goes, “the best jams are made in old jars.” Orso was built upon simplicity and experiences sur mesure, a far cry from the over-digitalization of services found in many hotels today. It’s all the chic of Paris with all of the conviviality and joie de vivre that define the true French spirit.
With a welcoming smile and aim to please, every Orso hotel welcomes visitors as if they are guests in our own homes. 

Et Cetera

Like members of the same big family, Orso Hotels are defined by their differences. Each one has its own first name, personality and distinct identity. Each one is unique in its own way. Yet they all bear the same inherited family resemblance. 
At each destination, through the doors of each hotel, surprises await. From a rooftop sauna or Nordic bath to vibrant brasseries and cocktail bars... our imagination knows no bounds. 

Orso - Ànouk et Louis

Simply, the best

From a spontaneous surprise to insider advice to a thoughtful drink upon arrival, a friendly smile in the morning or the perfectly-planned soirée in the evening, we believe in the generosity of simplicity. Our golden rule: offer only the best products. We carefully select the best local farms for our produce and our mini-bars are filled with drinks made not too far away. Anouk and Louis have also created Colomba, a skincare line made in Grasse, France whose fragrance with notes of fig and fennel captures all the freshness of a Corsican home in summertime and the large family tables dear to the couple.

A local mindset

Orso loves cities as much as nature. But above all, we love the local spirit of each arrondissement, the vibrant neighborhood life, the atypical atmosphere, the local baker (who makes the best baguette in town), the views over the rooftops and the squeaky parquet floors. There is no concierge here, no golden key, just hosts in love with their city. Hosts who can guide you to legendary brasseries or the best local restaurants in the area, lead you off the beaten path to the most beautiful strolls through Paris or put you on the list for the best late-night parties.

Orso - Le bon c'est meilleur