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Orso's story began with a dream. A dream of reviving the neglected art of hospitality and reinvigorating the values ​​of the hotel industry that should be at the very heart of the travel experience.
Strongly convinced that, as the French expression goes, the best jams are made in old pots, Orso strives against the over-digitalisation of services. What could be better than a smile or a handshake to make guests feel welcome and among friends?

A taste for simple things

Orso focusses on the kind of good hotel manners that touch hearts and create memories. The empathy and kindness of the staff, thoughtfulness, the sincerity of a smile, closeness without familiarity, and a dash of old-fashioned classicism. A good morning, a good evening… Here there are no customers, only guests. Exclusively.
As we do when welcoming friends, we ensure that an Orso check-in is always accompanied by a slice of homemade cake.
With their Colomba skincare brand, Anouk and Louis have created a scent with notes of fig and wild fennel reminiscent of the cool fragrance of Corsican houses in summer and the family tables that are so dear to them.

Orso - Ànouk et Louis

The family spirit

Orso loves children. So, for them we provide a dressing-up box, games and colouring sets galore. As night falls, the little ones have an appointment with ‘the bedtime story’. This colourful tale of the Parisian adventures of a little blue bear is left in your room to keep them entertained until the sandman pays his visit.

Locally made

From breakfast to bathroom, our products are all about quality. At Orso, there’s no fast food, no scrambled eggs out of a packet or charcuterie wrapped in plastic. Good produce is the golden rule, and the proof is on the plate in vibrant local colours. We have established a network of neighbourhood artisans and partners so we can bring you the best of the district.
In the Orso guide, our teams have unearthed for you the 100 best neighbourhood addresses located less than 15 minutes from the Orso hotels: the good bistro next door, the baguette to die for, the shops where you can spoil yourself, the garden where you’ll want to smooch, the boules court where you can show off your skills. 100 authentic addresses that breathe the soul of Paris. You can find the Orso City Guide in our hotels.

Orso - Le bon c'est meilleur


Interior design

Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay met at the Camondo School where they became inseparable and soon thereafter launched Festen. The rest is history - their signature style took off. Through their projects for apartments and private residences, they established their own unique design touch centered around nonchalant elegance and casual, uncluttered style. Mixing periods and genres, fascinated by the roots and history of every place, they have plunged Orso, Hôtel Rochechouart and Mikado Dancing back into the heart of the 1920s. This modern property with a taste of the past, as they describe it, was subtly inspired by the Art-Deco ambiance of the restaurant and fuses seamlessly with contemporary comfort.

Orso - Festen

Hauvette & Madani

Interior design

Samantha Hauvette and Lucas Madani were designed to work together. They started off at Camondo and now define themselves both as interior architects and product designers who have been reinterpreting the decor of private apartments and chalets for the past 5 years. Obsessed with volumes and dimensions, they have combined their tastes and influences to create projects based on passion and instinct. The duo joined forces with Orso to design the decor of their first hotel, Le Wallace. Without a history of its own, this location was open to reinvention, and is now colored with seventies inspiration blended with Italian Riviera vibes and elegant Parisian retro style.

Orso - Hauvette & Madani

Gesa Hansen

Interior design

With Nordic (German-Danish) origins and an illustrious family who hail from the world of design, Gesa Hansen graduated from Bauhaus University in Weimar. She went on to study at the Fine Arts School in Nagoya (Japan) before moving to the Jean Nouvel studio. In 2009, launched her own studio, The Hansen Family, where she began to create collections of furniture hand-made by Danish craftsmen, and share her first interior design projects for shops, restaurants and private apartments. Gesa Hansen designed the decor of the Hotel Ami for Orso. She describes it as a simple and minimalist Nordic pattern that emphasizes authentic and raw materials.

Orso - Gesa Hansen

Eloïse Bosredon

Interior design

Eloïse Bosredon likes modernism in architecture, functional and beautiful minimalism, pure geometric lines, and the twist of colors. She does not like 3-dimensional objects, does not follow trends or fashions. She blesses all the quality craftsmen who accompany her in her ideas. Author of the chocolate factory by Cyril Lignac, of the Parisian pastry houses Maison Aleph, and of the decor of the Hotel Voltaire in Arles, she imagines the latest opus Orso, the Hotel Orphée as a "refuge address, comfortable and in deep contrast with the urban and intense atmosphere of the capital. An ideal of purity steeped in authenticity".

Orso - Eloïse Bosredon

BR Design

Interior design

Interior architects and founders of BR Design, Raphaëlle Levet and Bénédicte Pierens met during their first professional life together within the Hachette group where they collaborated in the teams of numerous decoration magazines for more than 10 years. After training at the Ecole Boulle, they carried out numerous architecture and decoration consulting projects: apartments for individuals, hotels, offices for Lyf Pay and MK Conseil among others... The duo claims a refined style marked by simplicity and lightness, which can be seen in the two Orso hotels they have worked on: the Hotel Doisy and the Hotel Leopold.

Orso - BR Design


Interior design

Charlotte Cadé, co-founder of the Selency brand, designed the interior of the Cabane Hotel: the Togo in the lobby, vintage wooden chairs, Marcel Breuer, Bertoia, Thonet, and other pieces of design are thus placed everywhere from the entrance to the cabin, including the bar or the lounge... In the eyes of the passionate bargain hunter, offering interior design to professionals was a real opportunity to test a new form of collaboration that goes beyond simple purchases on a platform. For the Cabane, Charlotte and her teams played the role of interior decorators by scripting the spaces, bringing a 70's touch, without arrogance, even obvious.

Orso - Selency

Marion Mailaender

Interior design

Citrons et Huîtres is the new project of the interior architect and designer Marion Mailaender, originally from Marseille. Trained at the École Boulle, she imagines furniture collections, hotels and restaurants - Tuba in Marseille, the Hotel Rosalie in Paris - and artists' residences in Tangier, where genres and eras are mixed, and plays the card of audacity, elegance and humor everywhere. "Citrons et Huîtres is the image of the popular Paris," she explains. "A place with a raw steel facade reminiscent of the fronts of neighborhood fishmongers, opening through large bay windows onto the street and Parisian life."

Orso - Marion Maeilander