Orso is on a mission to restore the lost art of hospitality
and return to the core values of the hotel industry.
Good manners, simplicity and generosity are
what the best hotel memories are made of.

The Orso story

Orso is first and foremost a family story, that of Anouk and Louis Solanet who have taken their experiences and continue to pass them down from one generation to the next. From quaint cottages to 5-star palaces, they have run all kinds of hotels. First as a couple, then as a family of three, four and five, before founding Orso.

Orso - Louis et Anouk
Hôtel Rochechouart Hôtel Rochechouart
Hôtel Léopold Hôtel Léopold
Hôtel Wallace Hôtel Wallace
Hôtel Cabane Hôtel Cabane
Hôtel Doisy Hôtel Doisy
Hôtel Ami Hôtel Ami

Our Hotels

Like members of the same big family, each one of our hotels has its own personality, style and identity. Each one is different, but they all share a common goal: to make sure your stay is an unforgettable experience.

Our creative minds

Anouk and Louis have brought the most creative minds together to design and breathe life into each Orso hotel.

Orso’s diverse team includes 100 talents, 100 individuals with all of their unique personalities, their qualities and their quirks.

Orso - Hauvette & Madani
Orso - Festen
Orso - Gesa Hansen
Orso - Romain Chirat