Paris 15th : what to do in a day ?

Paris 15th : what to do in a day ?

A morning in the 15th

9h. Breakfast in a boutique hotel of the 15th

Left bank, the 15th arrondissement of Paris, its family atmosphere, its parks where life is good, its colorful architecture… and the most beautiful views of the capital. We start the day with a breakfast on the patio of Hotel Wallace, with an open buffet full of local and regional products from the best artisans in the neighborhood. Alternatively there is the Hotel Ami, a former postmen's inn with an Art Deco facade, where you can enjoy a Parisian breakfast in a Bauhaus-inspired interior or on the terrace of the patio with its terracota ambiance.


Credit : Romain Ricard

10h. Shopping in the rue du Commerce

A short 3-minute walk from the Hotel Wallace, and 10 minutes from the Hotel Ami, rue du Commerce displays its butchers, cafes, bakeries, tea shops and chocolate shops. A real postcard of Parisian life where you can discover the charm of the squares of the capital. Meet at Square Yvette Chauviré, who was a former star dancer in the neighborhood, where between alleys of chestnut trees, public benches for smooching and a music gazebo, there are two petanque courts that you can enjoy all year round. An alternative is Square Saint-Lambert and its Art Deco buildings, where cotton candy stands, ping-pong tables and the Guignol theater attract all the children from the neighborhood.

11h. The Army Museum at the Invalides

On foot you can reach the Esplanade Jacques Chaban-Delmas, a green promenade surrounded by the most beautiful Parisian buildings in the district, with a breathtaking view of the golden dome of the Hotel National des Invalides. After arriving at your destination, go to the Army Museum where all the military history from the Middle Ages to the present day is told. See the collections of uniforms, armor, helmets, discover the epics of Napoleon Bonaparte, and contemplate his famous cocked hat and his portraits.


Credit : France Bleu 

12h30. The best Bo Buns in the 15th

A neighbor of the Hotel Ami, the Drapeau de la Fidélité is an institution of the 15th. On its facade, the phrase "Having a little drink is quite nice" sets the cheerful tone of the house. A former philosophy teacher in Saigon, Mr Quan runs a lovely place where improbable books and objects are compiled, and Bo Bun and hamburgers are served at unbeatable prices.


An afternoon in the 15th

14h. Time for Shopping

In addition to the rue du Commerce known to all customers of the Hotel Wallace and the Hotel Ami, the 15th arrondissement of Paris hides a few extra pearls of shopping. For men, we go to Mes Chaussettes Rouges. It is here that the models of the Roman tailor Gammarelli, official supplier of the Pope, are bought and that the model of his dreams is knitted to measure. Other spots not to be missed include: The Boîte de soldats to find some real toy soldiers, Lili Cabane for vintage gifts, and the bookstore La 25ème heure where you can find comics, novels and children's books.

15h30. Beaugrenelle

15 minutes from the Hotel Wallace, the hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower, you can find the Beaugrenelle Shopping Center. Lacoste, Balibaris, Aigle, Figaret, Jacadis Paris… all the beautiful French houses are present. And the Pathé cinema is here for a movie break with popcorn and ice cream on the menu. Continuing towards the Seine, we take the Beaugrenelle Bridge and go to the Île aux Cygnes to say hello to the Statue of Liberty.


An evening in the 15th

19h. The rooftop of the Hotel Wallace

A terrace aperitif in Paris? You dreamed of it, the Hotel Wallace did it. In a cozy and green setting, the Wallace invites you to toast to the setting sun around an Italian style aperitivo. On the program: a myriad of good products: mortadella with pistachios, a crispy foccacia, the iconic Torta delle Rosa, all washed down with a good glass of Italian wine, a Negroni or a Bellini, signature cocktails at the Hotel Wallace. Quietly installed in an armchair, open your eyes wide and contemplate the beautiful Eiffel Tower overlooking the rooftops of Paris.

20h. Parisian Bistro

Rue Gerbert, Paris 15th, a district like a village square, with its church and its retro bistro with a red firecracker facade, headquarters of the Pères Siffleurs. On the Formica tables, the patrons serve delicious country terrine, fried whiting and grilled octopus. Nothing but good stuff !


Credit : @latoureiffel

21h. The Eiffel Tower

We save the best for last with a night mode visit of the Eiffel Tower. The Iron Lady opens until 10:45 p.m. and from December 17th until January 1st until 11:45 p.m. The magnificent flicker is expected at the beginning of each hour. Let's go!


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