Our "goûter", and if we let ourselves be tempted?


Le goûter, not only for children

Sacred during periods of confinement, the "goûter" is back in force in our consumption habits. A moment of sharing, of meeting, of comfort adored by children... and adored by parents. A moment that unites, and brings together the greediest. 

Le goûter Orso, the Parisian snack

This winter, to face the wind, the rain and the melting temperatures, Orso hotels are putting the spotlight on the very, very good goûter. Offered in its "Proust's madeleine" version with a mountain of butter, brioches galore, grandma's cakes, jams for every taste and a double chocolate bar, the Orso goûter promises a direct trip back to childhood.

Come in, follow the tempting smell of the goûter and warm up in the most cosy hotels of the capital. From November 16th, we're waiting for you at the country table of the Cabane hotel, in the soft banquettes of the Rochechouart or the Orphée Hotel, under the glass roof of the Doisy, at the counter of the Wallace, in the library of the Léopold, and in the patio of the Ami Hotel.

Goûter at Cabane Hotel - @birdfoodandco

Prepared with love

All the ingredients of Goûter Orso are sourced and prepared with love from the best artisans in our neighborhoods. We promise you the best bread and the best baguette in Paris, generously spread with jars of "Confitures de la Création" and Laurent Simon's good honey. Creamy chocolate bars, to be broken into pieces like when you were a child, to be melted on a soft and tender brioche. And the cake of Louis, the co-founder of Orso Hotels.

Steaming teas and hot chocolate

The real Orso Taste is always accompanied by the delicious Kodama steaming teas. With flavors of jasmine, Sencha, King of the Forest, and always organic. Also on the menu: soft and comforting hot chocolate.

The recipe of Louis, co-founder of Orso Hotels: the grandmother cake
Preparation time : 5 mn
Cooking time : 40 mn
For 6 persons

1 jar of plain yogurt (which will serve as a measure for the other ingredients) | 1 jar of brown sugar | 2 and a half jars of flour | 1 half jar of vegetable oil |
 half jar of vegetable oil | 1 packet of vanilla sugar | 1 packet of baking powder | 2 eggs | 1 tablespoon of rum or two, or more... | butter (for the mold)

To take a little bit of Orso home with you, Louis, the very, very greedy co-founder of Orso, offers you his recipe for an ultra soft cake. You will love it.

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
2. In a large bowl, whisk together the sugar, vanilla sugar and 2 eggs.
3. Add the yogurt.
4. In another bowl, mix 2 and a half pots of flour and a packet of baking powder to make it homogeneous, and that the yeast is well incorporated.
5. Gradually add the flour and yeast to the first bowl and add half a jar of vegetable oil and the tablespoon or two of rum.
6. Butter the pan and pour the mixture into it. Bake for 30 to 45 minutes.
7. To check if the cake is cooked, stick the blade of a knife into it. If it comes out clean, the cake is done!

A little tip: keep your vanilla beans scraped from your recipes and store them in a glass jar with sugar, this will make your natural vanilla sugar. It also works with lemon peels.

From Wednesday, November 16th to Friday, December 16th in all Orso hotels.
Come and taste with us in our hotels!