24h in Montmartre, what is the program?

24h in Montmartre, what is the program?

A morning in your hotel in Montmartre

9 am. Coffee, croissant and little pleasures.

Paris is waking up. After a good night's sleep, leave the cosy nest of your room or suite, take the vintage elevator and slip quietly into the restaurant of your hotel in the 9th arrondissement Paris. Under the Art Deco arches and the 1930s atmosphere, the velvet banquettes of the Rochechouart welcome you for a gentle awakening.
On the menu: a French breakfast. A truly homemade granola. Bread from the neighboring baker. Croissants, freshly baked pains au chocolat. Good honey from a friend of the hotel in Montmartre. Eggs and charcuterie just the way we like it. I promise you, everything here is made in "not too far". A responsible spirit guaranteed, the best products from local artisans or regions known for their quality.

Credit : Auriane Sanchez

10 am. All on the Butte. Long live Sacré Coeur.

The Sacré Coeur belongs to those who get up early. Reinvigorated, walking shoes on your feet, you are ready for the irresistible ascent of the Butte Montmartre.
First recommended option: walking from your hotel in Montmartre, ideal for strolling through the cobbled streets. Along the way, stop at Place Saint Pierre. Take a look at the market, the temple of Parisian fabrics and fashion. And offer the children a ride or two on the Carrousel. An 18th century merry-go-round, where you can climb on wooden carriages and horses, reminiscent of Amélie Poulain's peregrinations in Montmartre. Alternative: the train. A few steps from your hotel in Montmartre, in front of the Moulin Rouge, the little train of Montmartre boards at the top of the hill. Landing at Place du Tertre and its painters. 

Credit : Kate Devine

11.30 am. Gardens with a view

This view will surprise you. In the repertoire of secret Paris, far from the tourists, direction all, the Museum of Montmartre.
At the top of the Butte, a 17th century building where the history of Montmartre is told, cabarets, and enter the studio of the Parisian painter, Suzanne Valadon. Open your eyes wide, let go, breathe, find a bench, a swing, a wrought iron table and contemplate the gardens inspired by the paintings of the painter Auguste Renoir who lived here. Finish in style with a coffee or iced tea at the Café Renoir, the best place to strut your stuff just a few steps from your hotel in the 9th arrondissement Paris.  


An afternoon around the hotel in Montmartre

1 pm. Stop Photomaton

And here is the photo moment. A photo in Photomaton format. 100% better than Instagram.
On your way down from the Butte Montmartre, stop at the Fotoautomat at 53, rue des Trois Frères. Here, a silver booth shoots the portrait in black and white like in the good old days. And makes the magic souvenir. Two steps away, 93 rue des Martyrs takes you on a round trip from Paris to Brittany. The address of the Breizh Café and its Japanese pancakes. Our favorites: the Breizh Roll rolled like a maki, covered with Bordier butter, sprinkled with Roellinger spices and the classic sweet butter with yuzu flavors.

2.30 pm. Shopping in Montmartre

Window-shopping enthusiasts, Orso concocts the best list of addresses where you can spend just enough, without counting the cost, and just a hop, skip and a jump from your hotel in the 9th arrondissement Paris. 
Sneakers from Veja on rue de la Vieville. The tarts of Les Petits mitrons, rue Lepic. The unusual souvenir of l'Objet qui parle. A.P.C Surplus, rue André del Sarte. The bottles of the Cave des Abbesses... You can find everything around your hotel in Montmartre.

3.30 pm. Romantic Paris

Treat yourself to a postcard of Paris. A secret garden. And a taste of freedom.
Passing by the Place St Georges, take the rue Chaptal. Then the paved alley that leads to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, in the former home of the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer, friend of Chopin and Rossini. On the first floor of a pavilion dating from 1830, the memories of the novelist George Sand are exhibited. A secret garden, with the scent of roses and lilacs, offers chairs to breathe in silence.

4 pm. Tea-Time

An ideal break. For two, as a family.
At the end of the garden, the Rose Bakery winter garden offers its delicacies to anyone who wants to taste them. In our Top 3: the scones, the all-fruit pies and the fluffy carrot cake.

Crédit : Ideat, the Good Hub

5 pm. Stroll through the Batignolles

A village atmosphere in Paris. Authentic. Nothing but the real thing.
Welcome to the village of the Batignolles. Wonder of the 17th district and neighbor of the Butte Montmartre. Go to Place du Dr Felix Lobligeois, its church and its cafés under the lime trees. In shopping mode, go to Maison Labiche, Saint James or Iodé.


An evening in Montmartre

8 pm. Dinner at the Rochechouart

At the Rochechouart restaurant, it is bistro and bourgeois cuisine.
Tables covered with tablecloths, silverware and a bow tie at the service, this is the restaurant. Always elegant and distilling the great classics of French cuisine. Among the must-try dishes: egg mayo, entrecote and mashed potatoes, fried whiting Colbert and Freddy's pancake cake.

Credit : Ludovic Balay 

9.30 pm. Paris is magic

Head for the rooftop. The spot.
On the 8th floor of the hotel, a rooftop to admire Paris, the Sacré Coeur and the Eiffel Tower. Sip a cocktail. A Marguerite first. A glass of champagne? And let yourself be carried away before going down to the basement of the Rochechouart. There, the Mikado, an old dance hall of the capital. High place of the Roaring Twenties, the Mikado opens its dance floor, its music bar and its lounges to night birds. A last drink, the night has just begun. A few steps later, in the rooms and suites, Morpheus is holding out his arms to you. 

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