Our Creative Minds

Orso - Festen


Interior design

Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay met at the Camondo School where they became inseparable and  soon thereafter launched Festen. The rest is history - their signature style took off. Through their projects for apartments and private residences, they established their own unique design touch centered around nonchalant elegance and casual, uncluttered style. Mixing periods and genres, fascinated by the roots and history of every place, they have plunged Orso and the Hôtel Rochechouart back into the heart of the 1920s. This modern property with a taste of the past, as they describe it, was subtly inspired by the Art-Deco ambiance of the restaurant and fuses seamlessly with contemporary comfort.

Orso - Hauvette & Madani

Hauvette & Madani

Interior design

Samantha Hauvette and Lucas Madani were designed to work together. They started off at Camondo and now define themselves both as architects and product designers who have been reinterpreting the decor of private apartments and chalets for the past 5 years. Obsessed with volumes and dimensions, they have combined their tastes and influences to create projects based on passion and instinct. The duo joined forces with Orso to design the decor of their first hotel, Le Wallace. Without a history of its own, this location was open to reinvention, and is now colored with seventies inspiration blended with Italian Riviera vibes and elegant Parisian retro style.

Orso - Gesa Hansen

Gesa Hansen

Interior design

With Nordic (German-Danish) origins and an illustrious family who hail from the world of design, Gesa Hansen graduated from Bauhaus University in Weimar. She went on to study at the Fine Arts School in Nagoya (Japan) before moving to the Jean Nouvel studio. In 2009, launched her own studio, The Hansen Family, where she began to create collections of furniture hand-made by Danish craftsmen, and share her first interior design projects for shops, restaurants and private apartments. Gesa Hansen designed the decor of the Hotel Ami for Orso. She describes it as a simple and minimalist Nordic pattern that emphasizes authentic and raw materials.

Orso - Romain Chirat

Romain Chirat

Art direction and graphic design

He was born with a paper trail –to a papermaker father and a bookseller mother - and Romain Chirat is still inspired by beautiful stories to create logos, typographies and symbols that each carry more meaning. At Etablissements Studio – a nod to the companies that knew how to combine the charming imperfections of writing by hand with stamped elements- he created the brand images of both new houses and famous institutions. As the Art Director of the Orso Group, he is behind the visual identity of all the group's hotels and behind the product brand Colomba.